About Kevin Brownfield – Python Enthusiast and Self-Taught Success Story

Kevin Brownfield is a driven and dedicated self-taught Python programmer who became interested in the language in 2016 when he had an idea for an app. Despite his busy schedule, Kevin made the commitment to pursue his passion for programming and in 2022, he began taking online classes and boot-camps to hone his skills.

What sets Kevin apart from other self-taught Python programmers is his practical approach to learning. He has found ways to apply his new skills at his day job and continues to seek out new opportunities to put his Python knowledge to use.

As a new student, Kevin is eager to continue learning and improving his Python skills, and he shares his journey and lessons learned on his blog. On the home page and in the archives, you can find Kevin’s programming posts and see his progress as he grows as a Python programmer.

Kevin’s ultimate goal with his blog is to help future self-teachers of Python by providing resources and lessons he has learned along the way. If you’re interested in learning Python or just looking for a supportive community, Kevin’s blog is the perfect place to start.

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